White Crane

The path of the crane is a study of form whereby the student learns the basics of gymnastics fundamentals and novice parkour theory. At this level students will learn to apply over 24 skills, as well as a series of Kata and a “warm-up package” in a structured class setting.

The crane is poised firmly in the tidal breeze.

Yellow Cat

As students enter level two, the challenge continues, adding 18 new skills and 14 compound movements from white level to expand their repertoire and progress toward aerial awareness and increase connectivity between mind and body. Complete with new Kata and “warm-up package.”

The confident cat learns to pounce.

Green Mantis

Level three accelerates the student experience where they navigate another 20+ skills, adapting from prior progressions and adding all new skill set, applied tumbling and intermediate parkour theory.

The stealthy mantis waits patiently to strike